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Our Services

Al Masayba & CO. dedicated team offers comprehensive range of professional legal services in the following areas:

Litigation and Disputes Resolution Services

Al Masayba & CO. professional team would represent and defend clients before all Courts of all instances in the United Arab Emirates, the different Arbitration Centers, Rental Disputes Centers as well as other nominated committees and any judicial authorities in all cases related to any of the following:
  • Commercial Law and all relevant disputes / claims
  • Civil Law and all relevant disputes / claims
  • Labor Law and all relevant disputes / claims
  • Criminal Law and all the relevant disputes / claims, including bounces cheques, breach of trust, assaults, medical negligence, cyber-crimes, forgery and counterfeiting currency, financial and white collar crimes ... etc.
  • Property Law and relevant disputes / claims
  • Intellectual Property Law and the relevant disputes / claims
  • Trademark and Copyright Law and the relevant disputes / claims
  • Family Law and all relevant disputes / claims
  • Maritime and Aviation Law and all relevant disputes / claims
  • Companies Law and all relevant disputes / claims, including Free Zones companies
  • Sports cases and representation before Courts of Sports and the competent committees.

Commercial Advisory Services

A variety of legal, advisory and business related services, including but not limited to the following:

  • Provide legal and professional opinion and advice in all legal and business related matters
  • Draft, conduct and review Policies, Regulations and different kinds of Legislations
  • Draft and review Contracts and Agreements of all kinds
  • Issue and serve legal and notarial Notices (or respond to the same) on behalf of the clients
  • Incorporation of companies (including local companies, Free Zones companies, Offshore Companies…etc)
  • Family Companies consultations and the transactions related to their activities
  • Merge and acquisition
  • Restructuring of companies and institutions and the related consultations and services
  • Commercial Agencies contracts
  • Franchise Agreements and hospitality contracts
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • License contracts for using trademarks and property rights
  • Insurance Advisories
  • Legalization and Notarization Services
  • Properties and real-estate, sale, purchase, mortgage and registration
  • Drafting Wills and Families Consultations
  • Trademarks Registration

Mediation and Arbitration Services

Al Masayba & CO. consultants would provide mediation and arbitration services to clients in the following:

  • Arbitration cases of all types and the relevant disputes / claims with different Arbitration Centers
  • Disputes between Shareholders/partners
  • Disputes between Companies in different matters
  • Contracting and Construction related disputes
  • Banking disputes
  • Insurance disputes
  • Any other type of commercial / civil disputes

Debt Collection Services

Al Masayba & CO. specialized experts via the Debt Collection department provides debt relief services to individuals and companies in the following areas:

  • Bounced or Returned Cheque Issues and Interpol claims
  • Business to Business Debts.
  • Trade debt collections
  • Loan issues
  • Real Estate disputes
  • Unpaid wages and labour rights collection
  • Debt collections worldwide through our associate network

Annual Services Contract “Retainer-ship”

Clients also have the option to sign Al Masayba & CO. Annual Services Contract and be one of the firm permanent clients enjoying various free of charge special services and significant discounts on the professional fees related to their cases.